Wednesday 17 August 2011

Peekaboo glitch quick update and info

The conditions for getting this to occur are still a little hazy. Here's an early theory behind 1 method to trigger it.

Activate flying screen (launch > j. S) and then, continuing the combo, have peekaboo assist hit on the same frame as a cinematic hyper or on the first frame after a cinematic hyper has ended. Both are demonstrated here but the latter was already covered in Tekkinght007's initial discovery video.

The 2nd combo is just for fun, showing a character change into the glitch.


  1. Interestingly (or maybe not?) Dormammu's Lvl3 wiffs when she glitches through the ground, despite being in a combo-able state. Magneto's lvl 3 hits of course.

  2. Also, glad that it seems to work anywhere on the screen. Still curious to see who it works against, as I've only had it work on x-23 and Felicia

  3. Wow, sorry for being so late. I'm pretty sure it works on everyone.

    And, I didn't know that about Dormammu, maybe there's some other weird effects when they're in the ground?