Wednesday 22 August 2012

Lars Combo Guide

Something a little different that will hopefully prove useful if you're picking up Lars or just want a comprehensive look at his combo options.

I've tried to strike a balance between being informative and entertaining so some of the info/clips may go past a little quickly. In conjunction with this walkthrough however, it'll hopefully be a useful tool in getting to grips with Lars' options.

The video covers what I'd consider to be his most useful combos and links. A full transcript with lots of additional notes follows.

Base combo 1: J.HP, st.HP xx qcf+K-K [3 hits/246 damage]
this is a great go to combo from a jump in. Remember that the qcf+K-K follow up only works after st.HP or cr.HP xx qcf+K-K [5 hits/323 damage]
a good, simple follow up. Not quite as good as it looks as the cr.HP must be cancelled on the first hit and is less damaging than a st.HP, cr.MP, cr.HK [6 hits/369 damage]
a solid, not too difficult follow up that causes a hard knockdown., cr.MP, cr.MK xx qcf+K-P [7 hits/373 damage]
a little more technical but great damage for zero meter. xx dp+K [6 hits/354 damage]
a solid combo on it's own but it's really useful when tag cancelled as it leaves the opponent super high and allows your secondary character to land a jump in juggle and do great damage. Again, not too difficult to perform., cr.MK xx super [8 hits/520 damage]
technically not the no.1 use of meter (that's probably reserved for a double tag cancel using the previous combo) but straight forward and 50%+ health on most characters, cr.MK xx team super [32 hits/598 damage]

...dp+KK, cr.MP xx super [9 hits/548 damage]
a juggle demonstration. Useful to know that it works.

Base Combo No.2: J.HP, st.HP xx qcf+HP-P [4 hits/266 damage]
A similar set-up to base combo 1 but all of the follow up's here are a little more difficult to perform.

... cr.MK xx qcf+K-P [6 hits/352 damage]
the cr.MK is not as easy to catch as it looks. xx super [8 hits/498 damage]
not quite as damaging as the first combo into super but definitely useful if you've hit confirmed from a shoulder. xx team super [32hits/576 damage]
See previous description! xx qcf+K-K xx tag... [8hits/427 damage]
the best way to bring in your partner midscreen after the qcf+P+P series.

Base combo No.3: j.HP, st.HP xx qcf+HP [3hits/238 damage]
Setting up Lars' most difficult but useful links. [10hits/381 damage]
Not easy, but very useful once you get used to the timing., st.LK-MK-HK-Launch [11hits/389 damage]
Even less easy but even more useful. The cr.MP really must be plinked (with LP) to ensure consistency with the link. xx qcf+P-P-P [7hits/376 damage]
The cr.MP is very useful as it can be linked into cr.MK or another qcf+LP/MP, cr.MK xx qcf+P-d+P, cr.MP xx qcf+K-P [9hits/397 damage]
A solid example of an execution heavy but damaging meterless combo.

NOTE 1: EX.Shoulder has enough frame advantage to allow for a cr.HP follow up. This is useful to know because you could end any series with ex.Shoulder then link into cr.HP and transition into any previously listed combo

NOTE 2: You can also link into cr.HP crom a crouching light attack. Using light attacks for hit confirms is always a solid tactic and often transitioning into a launch is not the best idea. So here, again, you can link into any previously listed combo.

NOTE 3: Anti-Air combo opportunities. Unfortunately, doing this from a regular dp+K doesn't allow the same follow ups, so to make the most of it you have to spend meter. It's often worth it though.

NOTE 4: qcb+KK is an overhead and causes a ground bounce. Probably only useful if your opponent isn't used to the Lars match-up.

NOTE 5: qcf+KK-P causes crumple. The initial dash also allows you to cross through your opponent, which is super useful for mix-ups. Arguably not always worth the meter but definitely has it's uses.

NOTE 6: All in all, lars is a super fun combo character but the usefulness of his more complicated and difficult combos is up for debate. This is the case with most SFxT characters but especially so with lars because his strings can be so long.

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  1. Awesome videos. Thank you so much for the combos and pointers for improving with Lars.