Sunday 26 August 2012

What is SFII:MOVIE ?

Probably the rarest and least well known Street Fighter game!

I'm amazed at how little footage/info there is of this online. I've wanted to get hold of a copy for years and finally got around to getting it a few weeks ago.

The majority of the game is basically an interactive version of the 1994 Anime of the same name. Albeit with a bunch of awesome extra scenes. You play the part of a shadowloo Cyborg who must level up his abilities by observing attacks of the other street fighter characters. This is done simply by controlling a cross-hair on the screen and hitting a button when significant things happen.

Then you take on Ryu in a single round using the Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo game engine (your Cyborg is almost a carbon copy of Ken). The result of the fight (and the things you've done up until that part of the game) influences which ending you get. These range from the exact same scenes from the anime (with Ryu and Ken taking on Dictator), to the Cyborg actually turning on Shadowloo and taking on Dicatator himself (though I've yet to see this as I don't know the conditions to get it!!).

If, like me, you're a fan of the Japanese version of the original anime (with a completely different soundtrack to the one released overseas) this is an awesome but very short game. You can pick it up quite cheaply from ebay now (I got mine for $20).

EXTRA FASCINATING NOTE!: The Anime had licensed tracks in some scenes, and it appears that the makers of the game couldn't use (or couldn't afford) them all. A notable example of this is the Chun Li vs Claw fight. In the game the track Chun usually puts on the radio is removed and you're treated to an acoustic guitar rendition of Claws stage theme from SFII (which I haven't heard before or since!).