Saturday 8 September 2012

Crossover Counter Combos

Due to the start-up on crossover counters, initially I was pretty sure that you couldn't actually use them to combo in this way.

It turned out that when using Shocking Pink mid-combo, after you block the explosion you have maybe 3/4 frames in which to go from back (or down-back) to forward+A1/A2. This is hella difficult because you have to anticipate the bomb blast. Too early and you just don't block, too late and it won't combo. If you're in any doubt, please try it out!

EXTRA NOTE: Viewtiful Joe's infinite assist was also used a bunch in the first combo. This is a crazy and broken property unique to this assist that occurs when your point character blocks the bomb blast. Isedelica was the first person to really exploit this, it was never patched and it's pretty stupid.

Why the combos are far more difficult than they should be:

Frank/Chun/Joe - As mentioned earlier, the shocking Pink bomb blast has to be anticipated and as soon as it connects you have to quickly input the CC motion. Chun calls out Joe again at the same time as hitting st.S and immediately starts charging down. As Joe is still on screen this allows down+S to be hit during the super jump without a TAC being activated. After landing the bomb is blocked, EX SBK is fully charged and there's a small window in which chun has to re-jump and activate an instant air SBK. Again, Joe is called at the same time as the following launch and the j.S is delayed slightly to give enough time for the Bomb to OTG (too quick and the opponent gets up and the combo ends).

Sent/Wolverine/Joe - The Crossover Counter! Seriously, anticipating the bomb blast and completing the qcf motion is silly. The rest is pretty straight forward.

Spencer/Viper/Joe - Shuma uses mystic stare and then immediately tags out. This is because if Shuma takes a hit, the mystic stare eye balls will dissapear. This properties doesn't apply to the rest of his team though, so hitting Thor does nothing. The intial Spencer combo must be done as quickly as possible so spencer can land before the eye balls explode and activate the Crossover Counter. Here, the timing for the counter isn't super tight though because the opponent is on the ground, ready to be OTG'd for a little while.The timing on calling the Joe assist and then the subsequent Bionic Arm/Zipline/Wire-grapple was also a pain to get right.  

EDIT: Thanks to jenz0r for pointing out that you don't need the fireball motion to activate CC.


  1. Hey desk, you dont need a qcf for the crossover counter! You just need to hold forward + assist button when blocking. Also, for the Chun-Li charge, you cant actually TAC without doing an air hit first. Haven't tested it that recently but I'm quite certain about it!

    1. Didn't even realize that about the counter motion. Ima update the description. Thanks dude!

      For the TAC, it's necessary to do a j.H before the S to allow enough charge time (meaning a TAC would activate). So, if Joe wasn't there, the combo would always fail.

    2. Haha cool, your welcome!

      Oh yeah, my bad. Didn't see you did a j.H the first time there.

  2. I'm very, very rarely this hype. I was telling my friends about the Isadelica infinite like 3 days ago, about how Joe's bomb can be blocked and resets assists... this is way, way, WAY cooler, as per usual from Desk :P Alpha counter off of it into more combos into TAC infinites? Need new shorts.

    PS. Please please please do more Marvel. Not that I don't watch every video you post, its just I enjoy Marvel that much more, and watching you go freeform in it makes it that much better to watch ^^

    1. One question though, did you get the Wolvie DP CC into zerker charge inspired from Zero's equivalent to Sougenmu that people have been working around with?

      Oh, actually two questions - Why does your blog see me as "Unknown" while logged into my Google account? D:

    2. Wow, thanks dude. Yeah Marvel is so awesomely flexible, people could be coming up with brand new combos 5 years from now. I'll probably be making a bunch of vids now that SFxT is out of my system.

      Never heard of the Zero thing. Are people using it like this?! If you have links or vids, please pass them along. A ton of characters have genuinely useful CCs that you can super/combo from, I'm very surprised you don't see more of it.


    Its more of a 'I read this post two days before you posted your video' kind of thing, as I've searched pretty hard for a video of it, but I assume its pretty much the exact same as how you used it with Wolverine, cancelling invuln ground frames of the DP into charge. Figured it out btw, for some reason my blogger account had the name of "Unknown" >.>

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