Friday 24 August 2012

SFII:Movie - Cyborg Combos

I've wanted to make a combo vid for this game for 6 years!

Ever since I first heard about Street Fighter II: Movie and the fact that it featured a Super Turbo style 1on1 fight between Ryu and a Cyborg, I wanted to try it out and maybe capture some combo footage from it. It turns out that not only has no one recorded any combos, I couldn't actually find a single bit of footage anywhere on the internet of the actual 'fight' gameplay.

So, a few weeks ago I finally got around to picking up the game from ebay and a few days ago I played enough to unlock the battle and vs mode (they're not available from the start). There's no training or arcade modes. You can choose to either fight a CPU controlled Ryu or a Cyborg vs Cyborg vs mode.

If you're interested in this game or want any more info, expect 1 or 2 additional vids covering a little more of the game soon!

Note: Cyborg is basically Ken from ST except with the ability to CPS-1 chain from kicks to punches (doesn't work the other way around).

Additional Notes:

0:52 - Multiple fireballs on screen at the same time (a little known ST glitch)

0:59 - CPS-1 chain from st.LK to cr.MP

1:04 - Ken's knee bash and post KO air freeze

1:14 - Renda cancelling the 2nd cr.LK into a jump. Then instant j.LP xx tatsu

1:18 - Hitboxes!

1:26 - Instant Air Tatsu reversal glitch

1:32 - CPS-1 chain from cr.LK to st.HP

1:51 - CPS-1 chain from st.LK to cr HP xx LP.SRK.

2:03 - Infinite linking funky kicks glitch


  1. I actually heard about this game long ago. But because of the lack of footage of gameplay, I didn't know what to make of it.

    Thanks for finally showing the world what the gameplay of this game looks like. And you're right. Not a single piece of footage on Youtube.