Thursday 1 September 2011

Combo of Guile

When working on combos to go into the SFIV Medley music vid, I ended up capping a few clips with direct feed + stick inputs too (the Yang 100-hit can be found here).

Transcript and notes:
You'll notice that whenever there are 2 sonic booms with only a single normal in between, the 2nd is canceled much later than usual. This is to maximize charge time and ensure there's enough for the 2nd sonic boom to come out. The LP, MP that occur @0:07 & 0:10, weirdly, have to be delayed a few frames to allow Abel's hit-reel animation to accomodate the rest of the combo. If the jab happens at the earliest moment (for reasons that escape me), Guile will be pushed out of range. Finally, Guile must walk forward after each Focus Crumple before releasing the following sonic boom. This requires super quick and tight charging, beginning well before he has even begun to dash out of the FA. Also, there's a short walk forward before the final LP, LP, HP. This combo is mad difficult!

Glasses on!* j. HK, cr. LP xx sonic boom, st. LP, st. MP xx sonic boom, st. MP xx sonic boom, st. LP, st. MP xx sonic boom xx fa lvl2, dash frwd, walk forward sonic boom, cr. LP, st. LP, st. MP xx sonic boom, st. LP, st. MP xx sonic boom xx fa lvl2 dash forward, walk forward, sonic boom, cr. LP, st. LP, st. MP xx sonic boom, st. MP xx sonic boom, walk forward, st. LP, st. LP, st. HP, Glasses off!*


  1. Slight error in the transcript, you didn't start with a sonic boom in that video and the "st. MP, st. MP xx sonic boom xx fa lvl" should be st. LP, st. MP I think.

  2. That medley music can inspire anyone

  3. cool, fixed!

    Although it passed me by, everyone says the guile theme was really overused. I still love it though and it always makes me hype! lol

  4. incredible! A long guile combo! :)
    side note though, when are you going to explain the cool MVC3 photos you took, like Trons lv3 hyper with shinkuu going through the bot and stuff? :) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK :D

  5. Ah, I lost interest in doing the explanation videos so quickly, lol. For that particular clip, you just have to escape trons Lvl3 hyper on the frame it activates (there's a bunch of ways to do this, I might have done it with Spencer? I can't remember), tag in ryu and do his 'up' fireball super in the right position.

    Even after the patches, there's still so many bugs in MvC3 that I'm not really interested in making videos out of them anymore (unless it's game breaking like Trish's).

    It might be cool to do a big glitch vid before Ultimate drops though (that will probably cover the 1-frame of MvC3 set-ups). SO look out for that.

  6. You've always surprising me Desk. My respect to you grows each video. xD