Monday 26 September 2011


So here's everything else that will now not be part of CMV6. Feels like too long since I really sat down and put a bunch of time and thought into editing to music like this.
That's all going to change from next week though! I'll hopefully have something new and awesome ready for next Monday (and every week from then on... hopefully). Thanks for watching and keep the faith!

And here's some misc leftover stuff.

Full transcript:

0:07 - Makoto, j. HK, st. MP, cr. LP, st. LP (meaty), cr. MP xx EX. Hayate, frwd+LK, cr. LP, cr. LP, st. LP (meaty), Ultra1

0:14 - Adon, Super (final hit, wall bounce), dp

0:22 - Adon, j. HK, cr. HP, cr. LP, st. LP (meaty), st. MP xx Super

0:29 - Ryu, st. LP (activates Dudley's counter), LP.dp (meaty, EX.fb FADC, Ultra 1

0:36 - Rufus, Lv3 Focus, st. HK, j. HK, cr. MK*KO* LP.snake strike [combo only possible in vs mode]

0:44 - Juri getting around DJ's projectiles

0:48 - Guile, trading with only the 'suck' part of Seth's Ultra 2. This enables him to combo into super for the KO.

1:04 - Final hit of Adon's Super causing a crumple stun, KOing with Ultra 1

1:12 - Gen!

1:14 - Rufus Ultra 1 whiff (!)

1:16 - Dhalsim is a dirty cheat who is allowed to turn around in mid air!

1:18 - Dudley links! j. HP, cr. HP, st. HK xx dashing upper xx FADC, st. LP-MP, cr. LP, st. HK xx dashing upper xx FADC, st. LP-MP, st. LP-MP, st. LP xx LP.mgb, LP xx LP.mgb, LP xx LP.mgb, LP xx LP.mgb, LP xx LP.mgb, st. LP, st. HP

1:31 - Viper, Lv3 focus, EX.Thunder Knuckle, cr. HP xx seismo cancel, cr. HP xx EX.seismo xx FADC (meterless), HP.Thunder Knuckle xx FADC, HP.Thunder Knuckle

1:39 - Rufus, j. HK (1-hit), LK.webciubw-LK follow up xx FADC, EX.Snake strike, Ultra 1

1:47 - Cammy, creating her own Counter Ultra opportunity

1:51 - Juri, Lv3 focus, j.MP, j.MP xx EX.Ddive, EX.fb (LK+MK), Activate Ultra 1, dash, EX.pinwheel

2:02 - Chun, j. HP, cr. HP xx HK.legs xx MK.legs, Cr. HP xx EX.sbk *STUN* j. HP (blocked), cr. LP (blocked), cr. LP (blocked), cr. LK xx EX.legs xx FADC, back dash, Ultra 1. This combo features a bug causing the combo counter to stay active even though the opponent blocked several of the attacks within it.

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