Monday 19 September 2011

The lost Combo vid

All of this footage was capped July/August 2010. I was holding onto it for the project that would have ended up being SSFIV: CMV 6.

Unfortunately, the things that needed to fall into place for that to happen didn't (happen). So, I'll be uploading everything over the coming week. So yeah, Hopefully this doesn't feel like 1 year old footage...

Full transcript:

0:08 - C.Viper uses EX. Seismo xx cancel to avoid everything boxer throws out. Then counters his useless U2 with U1

0:14 - Adon, j. HK, cr. LP, cr. LP, st. LP, st. LP, cr. MP xx HK.dp (very meaty), st. HK. It's uper difficult to get the HK to juggle without using meter.

0:20 - Dudley, st. MP, st. LP, st. HK xx LP.mgb, cr. MP xx LK. dashing upper xx FADC, cr. LP, st. LP, st. HK xx LP.dp xx FADC, LK. dashing straight, U2. The cr. MP after LP.mgb is impossible (well, almost)

0:26 - j.Headbutt (counter hit), cr. LP xx Kick Latriat (meaty), EX. Green *STUN* Flying chest hair attack, cr. LP, cr. LP xx Punch Lariat xx FADC, EX. Green

0:38 - Rufus, Lv.3 Focus, j. Dive kick, st. HP xx LP.Snake strike, cr. LP xx EX.Tornado, LP.Snake strike

0:44 - Sometimes, counter hitting Adon as shown will cause him to fly to the other side of the screen very quickly. This is used to FADC into U2

0:51 - Makoto, j. HP, st. HP xx LP. Hayate xx Super, st. HP xx Hayate xx cancel, cr.LK xx

0:57 - Having someone in EX. Tanded hit stun interact with Seth in fierce hit stun sometimes causes this ground cross-up.

1:00 - Ryu, j. HK, st. MP xx FADC, st. MP xx FADC, cr. MP, cr. MK xx LK. Tatsu, HP.SRK

1:04 - Dashing straight xx FADC vs crouching Claw will cross up at point blank range. It will not combo without a counter hit though.

1:09 - Following a hazanshu with super vs crouching sagat will often make this occur.

1:12 - Comboing into U2 from a devils reverse and Scissor Kick trade

1:24 - j. HP, EX.fb, EX.LL, EX.sbk, U2

1:30 - Abel's hit box goes mental

1:33 - j. HP, EX.LL, EX.LL, EX.LL, EX.sbk

1:42 - j. HK, st. LK, cr. MP xx jump cancel U1, HP. Thunder Knuckle, Super

1:51 - Escaping Giefs grasp by jumping a frame before Ultra/Super freeze and cancelling the start up of the jump when it ends. This is the only way to avoid Giefs zero frame grabs

2:06 - Rose trade fun without ultra KO screen.

And here's a short leftovers vid...


  1. I've got to admit some of it felt a bit old, but still great.

  2. "1:09 - Following a hosenka with super vs crouching sagat will often make this occur."

    You mean following Hazanshu, right? Hosenka is the Ultra. ;)

    Anyway, great vid as always - I was scratching my head a little, wondering why put out a Super vid when AE has come about as the standard, but I see it now; Machinima didn't use your "lost vid" title, so I thought maybe you got bored and went back to Super...I'm very jealous of the 3x Lightning Legs, I could never figure out how to get it to work, but I was probably not using a great dummy.

    How much of this is the same in AE? And what is "Bre-don?"

  3. haha, I don't know the names of special moves.

    I'm guessing most of it still works (Dictator trades might be more difficult or impossible though).

    well read :) It's actually Blaydon (there was no way of knowing that though). It's a random shout out to a friend of mine who will probably never see it, lol.