Tuesday 6 September 2011

Top Tier Chun Tech No. 1 [vs Hawk]

I decided to test out some Chun stuff vs the whole cast. Turns out she has some pretty ridiculous things vs a lot of characters, if you catch them crouching. These are the first documented infinites vs T. Hawk (that I know of).

The standard legs loop (cr. HP xx HKll xx MKll) is an infinite anywhere on screen vs Hawk. In the corner you can mix it up with a MP fireball but this requires you to stay on top of your distance and throw in an extra cr HP xx ll if you're getting to close.

Meter is built and burned purely for fun, non of it is necessary to continue the combo. Which is also deliberately ended just before stun.


  1. Abel can infinite a crouching Hawk, but then I'm pretty sure Abel can infinite every character if you try hard enough

  2. why you got to spoil it? lol.

    Anyway I said documented, and I ain't never seen no Abel vs Hawk infinite, so I totally win :)

  3. alright you win this time beacuse I haven't put it in a video yet.
    But it's safe to assume Abel can infinite everyone

  4. I know you've released videos of c.hp->hk legs - can you state the buttons you're pianoing? I am a pianist getting into Chun so knowing your "fingering" would be helpful.

    I am currently trying:
    plink c.hp(4) ~ cmk(2) -> lk(1) mk(2) lk(1) hk (4)...mk(3) lk(2) mk(3) mk(3) but it isn't as consistent as I would like. Number after move is the finger I use to press.

    for c.mk -> EX legs I do:
    plink c.mk(3) ~ lk(2) -> hk(4) mk(3) lk(2) hk+mk (4+3)

    Haven't figured out an optimal piano for c.lk -> EX legs after hazanshu or OS EX legs after poking with s.mp.

  5. Do you have some makoto special tricks in your bag ? would you be able to make a combo vidz with "unusual" stuff with her ?
    BTW, huge fan of your fingers ^^

  6. I don't really have any new Makoto stuff unfortunately. Chun is just a special case in the SFIV series.

    @exalted, this is the way I do it.

    plink c.hp(2) ~ cmk(1) -> hk(3) mk(2) lk(1) hk (3)...mk(1) mk(1) mk(1) mk(1)

    I don't use my 4th finger unless I'm bored after a fireball xx FADC. There's no advantage to it and it doesn't involve a plink. Also, I don't even have a technique for cr. mk xx Legs because I never, ever use it. For cr. lk xx legs I just hit lk+mk repeatedly and it works 100% of the time.

    I'm not sure how useful that info is on it's own but I guess you can be sure that it's possible to do it consistently with that technique. Just takes hella practice.