Monday 3 October 2011


The first in a series of videos. Somewhere between a music vid, combo showcase and an unoffical character trailer. Expect to see a new episode every Monday.

A huge amount of time was spent arranging the music and syncing the audio/visuals up. Also, many of the clips were captured 3/4 times with different costumes to allow for some (hopefully) interesting editing effects.

You can dl the music here.


Vs Boxer - The first hit of E.Ryu's st.HK does not reset and allows you to juggle afterwards. j.MP (first hit only), st. HK, ex.SRK xx FADC, Ultra1

Vs Akuma - Standard FADC combo spaced so that the final ex.Tatsu does not knock down.

Vs Boxer - Dive kick into another FADC series, this time ending with a character specific LK.Tatsu in hard knockdown sweep.

Vs Dudley - Using a rose interupt to allow a 4x dash, 3x SRK combo.

Zero 2 - 10 fireballs into j.HK, cr.MK, Red Fireball. Due this combo involving a custom combo activation, the red fireball launches Dictator much higher than it normally would. Allowing for the HP.SRK juggle

Vs Dictator - 3 Overheads please. Thanks.

Vs Boxer - j.MP (first hit only), LP.SRK, MP.SRK, EX.SRK

Vs Boxer - Boxer's hit box allows an EX.SRK juggle after a mid-screen HK.Tatsu

Vs Akuma - Both characters can cancel any normal, at any stage into a Raging Demon

Vs Honda - Fully in time, costume changey Ultra 2.

Vs Abel -  Spending 4 meters! There's a huge difficulty spike before, during and after the st.MK xx EX.Fireball. Yes.

Vs Honda -  Honda's crouching hitbox is awesome. A Mid-screen EX.Fireball, properly spaced allows for 2 dashes before continuing the combo. Also, in the corner you can meterlessly combo into Ultra 1.


  1. Is there a way I could get the music for this, if possible? :)

  2. It has been added to the スト ep. You can pick it up here :)

  3. Desk, sup!! What happened with those videos, Machinima is not allowing share ?! Hugs from Brazil