Monday 17 October 2011


3rd week of unofficial character trailers. This is definitely my favorite so far, had loads of fun doing the remix. Also, the post KO stuff, although mad difficult, turned out awesome. Transcript follows...


Vs Dudley - j.MK, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.MP, cr.LK, st.MP

vs Dictator - j.HK, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.MP, st.LK, st.LK xx EX.Green Hand

vs Sim - Trade Lariat, whiff hand, ex. Green Hand

vs Seth - j.HK, cr.LP, cr.LP, st.MP, st.LK xx hand. The green hand must be input before the LK connects for this to work.

0:41 - Grabbing stuff, anonymous gief synopsis and SPDing Seth

0:58 - Standing 7s!

1:10 - Grabbing an Ultra

vs Hawk - Post KO Kick SPD

vs Ryu - protecting Russia's skies

vs Rufus - Stun combo into Crumple > Ultra 2

Zero 3 - 95%!

vs Cody - Long distance, post KO SPD


  1. Are we gonna be able to download the song soon?

  2. Man sick stuff! If you could pull of a Dudley version that would be totally 3rd strike Dudley theme is boss.

  3. I originally posted a comment on YouTube, regarding the "who would like to see next" question, but a fellow YouTuber suggested that I should post my comment on your blog as well, so here you go:

    "I'm going to have to ask for Cammy.

    I'm a Chun-Li main (so I already get enough of my Chunny goodness from you) but I'm also trying to sub-main Cammy/C. Viper. However, I'm mostly trying to sub-main Cammy for SFxT, so I think that would be helpful for myself and of course, for actual Cammy players who are sadly giving up on her like James Chen. Give us some kind of hope with some tips and tricks.

    Also... I REALLY want to hear a HDR-ish or SFIV-ish Cammy remix from you! Your music is godlike!"

  4. Another great video, Desk. I'd love to see combos from a less loved character, like Gen or Vega.

  5. I think I'll get around to mixing some releasable versions in a few weeks, when I have 4 or 5 completed. This schedule is eating up a silly amount of my time at the moment.

    Dudley is someone I'm already half considering actually but Cammy is a really interesting one I hadn't thought of, plus she has an awesome theme.

    I like the idea of doing Claw too but I'm not sure how much new/exciting stuff I'd be able to do.

    Huge thanks for the suggestions though. It seriously helps the process :)

  6. Was there a trick to doing that 720 or are you just crazy fast with the input that you do it within the 6 frames or so before Gief leaves the ground?

  7. I did a tutorial that gives you an extra frame but you'd still have to practice it up to do it consistently.

  8. Thanks desk, you just read my mind! i've recently started watching your videos and im a zangief player ;D thanks for the awesomeness and keep it up!

  9. I think you should do one on T. Hawk.

    He has some really weird mixups (like condor diving under an airborne opponent to hit them from behind when they land), the easiest crossup in the game, insane damage potential, and a musical theme that hardly anyone has remixed. He's got some cool combo potential (like cancelling standing medium kick into EX Condor Spire into Tomahawk Buster into Condor Dive) Also, he doesn't get NEARLY as much respect as he should.

    Really, I think he's ripe for a video, considering there's only a few T. Hawk combo videos out there (that I can find).

    But ultimately it's up to you of course.

  10. Hmm, I'm not sure I could get a full video out of T.Hawk. It's difficult to showcase mix-ups in a combo video (at least, I'm no good at it). I'd be hyped about doing any ST characters though, if only because of the music.

    Maybe Hawk/Claw in a single video? I'll have a think :)

  11. I really like your videos, especially the music. I too have a hobby of remixing VG music, so it's nice to see other people doing it. I notice and appreciate all the subtle touches you add like the extra snare hits during the runaway lead @ the end of the video, awesome video and music as always.

    Looking forward to your next video, also maybe a Cody video? I main Cody and I think i've explored most of his combo opportunities, but you always seem to surprise me and the rest of the SF community with things we dont even think of or attempt lol.

  12. Thanks, dude :) I find it pretty fun arranging/remixing stuff.

    I'll definitely think about Cody, would be really cool to throw in an Alpha 3 combo with him 'cos he has some awesome stuff in that game.

  13. Hey Desk, cool stuff as usual. What do you use to produce your music and is there any chance of a SF remix album in the future? Really digging both the Sakura and Zangief themes so far.

  14. Thanks man. There's another remix on the Zangief standing 7s vid too. Sakura, Zangief and Standing 7s were all composed on the KORG M01 workstation for DS. There's a Dudley/Boxer mash-up that should be up shortly too.

    I'll probably put together a 5 track EP but I have no idea when. Plus, I'm not sure where I can host it since I only get a certain amount of free downloads on bandcamp (the place I put all my stuff). I'll be announcing it here when it happens though.

  15. I'm so sad the vid is not available to public anymore. The song was just awesome.

    1. I will hate them FOREVER for taking that video down.